About Meigs County

Our mission is to improve the overall well-being of Meigs County by connecting individuals with the resources they need.


Meigs County offers help to those seeking a direct line of help to a healthier lifestyle. Through our resources and support of our team members, those on the road to recovery can count on us to be there to assist them on their journey. Whether they are dealing with chronic illness, mental health problems, or substance abuse we are here to help.

Resources to Get You Started or Continue Your Journey Toward a Healthier Life.

Our Resources

We offer a list of resources that can assist you in getting to a healthier lifestyle. From the beginning to the end of your journey, we have resources that can help you achieve your goals.

A Positive Influence on Our Community

Our goal is to have a positive impact on our community and the individuals living in it. We provide guidance to those wanting to learn more about the freedom that comes with a healthier lifestyle and help them develop healthy habits along their journey to doing so.

Getting Started Can Be Difficult.

While it may seem impossible now, a healthier life is possible! Take the first step toward freedom by reaching out to us now.